Put our expertise to work for you. At Flow Like Water, LLC, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Phoenix area and surrounding communities.
"A job well done... Top-rate"
Natural Awakening "June 2017" 
Phoenix Edition
"One of a Kind Luxury"
I highly recommend the wonderful Bath Salts created by PJW.  They are thoughtful reminders of what hand crafted soothing pleasuring one can enjoy.  The scents and textures are truly rare.  You can experience a relaxing meditative comfort in this one of a kind luxury.

Mra. E. R. Pahlek,
Phoenix, AZ
I have very sensitive skin and have always been apprehensive to try new things especially while engaging in my favorite past-time, a bath.  I have used PJW, LLC Bath Salts for a little while and it helps to sooth minor aches and pains. Especially, my feet.  I noticed that these salts are less harsh than Epsom salt and they dissolve better and quickly.  I give it a thumbs up...
 I would recommend getting some to help with your relaxation routine.

Kellye Johnson
Ok City, OK
I would recommend and Thumbs up
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Reminiscencing about that relaxing soaking bath that I had with your bath salts.  The salt was a soothing and helped with some joint pain.  I need some more!

Genies Jordan,
St. Louis, MO
"Relaxing and Soothing"
"​Your Bath Salts Restore"
Your bath salts restore, refresh and renew!  they are very soothing and the fragrance lingers....

Phoenix, Az
"Love how soft my skin feel"
I love how my skin feels after I take nice 
soothing bath using your bath salts.

Kansas City, Ks
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