About Flow Like Water, LLC.
Flow like Water, LLC. is family-owned business owned and operated by a disabled Veteran.  Our company originally operated in the Bay-Area in California for several years before moving and reopening in Phoenix, AZ.    We have created these bath salts while living on dialysis, due to kidney failure.  I became aware that if I am going to live a full life.  I needed energy, inspiration and help with pain relief.  During this time, I learned everything that I eat and do has to be natural ingredients that works with my body, mind, soul all at the same time.  

After, extensive research Gemscent Bath Salts Collection was created. These products gave me everything I need to live my best, fulfilled and a sensuous life.  Now, I want to share my creations with everyone, who wants a peaceful, Fulfilled, live their best and sensuous life from the inside out.

We treat every customer like they were a part of our family.  If you looking for high quality luxury bath salts you came to the right place!  Other companies may offer similar products, but our bath salt products are all natural handmade mixed along with crystals in the jars and served with Love and an open heart. 
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